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BETTER READING SUPPORT PARTNERS training available to head teachers and education providers at the Hall Garth Hotel and Country Club provided by Marie Kilgallon Associates Limited 

Better Reading Support Partners training was trialled with 26 pupils in Years 1 to 7 by 14 schools in 2013.  After only 17 sessions in 1.8 months, they made:

an average Reading Age gain of 11.2 months (over six times the expected rate of progress)
an average Comprehension Age gain of 9.8 months (over five times the expected rate of progress)

A two-day training course for Head teachers and educational leaders that covers:

  • organising and managing the intervention
  • delivering BRSP sessions
  • understanding the reading process
  • talking with pupils about their reading and learning
  • selecting suitable texts

Also included are:

  • detailed handbook guidance
  • online guidance and downloadable resources
  • telephone and e-mail support
  • all refreshments

What is Better Reading Support Partners?
BRSP is a ‘light touch’ reading intervention for pupils in Years 1 to 10 who have fallen behind at reading.  A specially trained Better Reading Support Partner delivers a short one-to-one support programme to help them to develop independent reading and comprehension skills so that they can make accelerated progress and catch up with their peers. It has been developed by National Advisers from Edge Hill University in liaison with Bradford local authority, updating the authority’s earlier Better Reading Partnership, to provide a balanced approach to developing phonic skills, comprehension and the enjoyment of reading.

Better Reading Support Partners raises the attainment of children who can read but who lack fluency, understanding and enjoyment and may need support with decoding skills, vocabulary and/or comprehension.  It is for children in KS1 who have fallen slightly below the level of their peers and for children in KS2-3 whose reading age is below their chronological age.

The cost of the training is £300 per person for the two day course. 

Please contact:
Telephone: (01642 )310313 or  07432 712 237

Friday, 7 February 2014


The Reading Support Conference is being delivered on Monday March 17th and Monday March 24th. Edge Hill University is holding the conference for School Head Teachers and Senior Managers. I am proud to announce that I'll be delivering a workshop for Better Reading Support Partners as the Reading Support National Adviser. The conference charge is £100+VAT for each delegate. This will be an opportunity for teaching professionals to: 

 - hear from national experts and leading pracitioners 
 - reflect upon how to maximise the impact of reading interventions in your school
 - find out about the suite of Reading Support interventions
 - network and share best practice with colleagues

Better Reading Support Partners

Better Reading Support Partners is a ‘light touch’ reading intervention for children in Years 1 to 10 who have fallen behind at reading. A Better Reading Support Partner, normally a teaching assistant or a volunteer, supports children individually, three times a week. The child reads three books in a session and the Partner prompts and supports them and discusses the books with them. The Partner has 2 days of training and is supported by a link teacher. 

In 2013, children achieved an average Reading Age gain of 11 months after only 2 months of BRSP support. Their comprehension ages rose by 10 months. 

Better Reading Support Partners was developed by Reading Support in partnership with Bradford Metropolitan District Council. It has updated and replaced Bradford’s former Better Reading Partnership.

Contact Details

Please call 01257 517107 and for further details check the link below.